Chinese Learning

In addition to providing personalised courses in Chinese language and culture for individual learners, we also offer customised training courses and services for all kinds of educational institutions and Chinese language teaching organisations at home and abroad. To date, we have launched a number of Chinese linguistic and cultural training courses at various levels, satisfying the different needs of different learners.

We will spare no effort in providing the best curriculum, the most outstanding teachers, and the most personalised services for our learners.


Main Programmes

At present, our main offerings (outlined below) draw upon hybrid online and offline learning styles, distance and classroom education, and self-study and face-to-face instruction, giving learners the opportunity to choose courses according to their actual needs as they continue their lifelong learning.

1. Short-Term Intensive Courses

The class times and learning methods of our short-term intensive courses are flexible, giving students the ability to choose a course of study that fits their actual needs. After completing the term of study, learners can obtain a certificate of completion for their course. Those who meet certain qualifications can also earn official certification.

2. Language Preparatory Courses

Our language preparatory courses focus on the comprehensive cultivation of learners’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. The hybrid online instruction and offline face-to-face teaching styles work in unison throughout the duration of the course, which runs between one to two years. At the end of the term, those who pass certain standards can apply to university to continue their studies.

3. Long-Term In-Service Training

Long-term in-service training programmes run for half a year or more, and are divided into four levels: elementary, rising, intermediate, and advanced, each of which consists of 432 class hours. At the end of the term, those who pass certain qualifications can obtain a certificate of qualification for in-service training.

4. Summer/Winter Immersion Camps

These programmes are geared towards people across the globe who are interested in Chinese language and culture. Unique course content and learning experience activities immerse students in Chinese culture, providing a rich and colourful path as learners improve their language skills and increase their understanding of Chinese culture. Lectures on cultural characteristics, language practice and cultural experiences permeate the learning process, helping learners further their linguistic and cultural knowledge of China. At present, we have already received learners from Europe, America, Asia and other countries and regions, many of whom have praised the programmes.

Teacher Training

According to the characteristics of distance education, our team of teachers is comprised of head teachers, host teachers, and tutors who are responsible for curriculum formation, teaching resources planning and usage, and tutoring support services, respectively. Every teacher has a background in teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages as well as experience in distance learning. In accordance with the format of distance education, they combine online learning with face-to-face instruction and fuse real-time teaching with asynchronous instruction.

After years of research and experience, we developed a hybrid learning method based on the MyEChinese distance education platform. Incorporating formal instruction with informal learning, it in turn creates a seamless connection between Chinese language acquisition and learners’ daily lives, improving efficiency and reducing costs. Students can now learn Chinese freely and happily.

The OUC has actively explored an “online + offline” hybrid model of teacher training. Whether online or offline, all courses are taught by senior experts, scholars, professors and outstanding Chinese language instructors active in classrooms at home and abroad. Their fields of research relate to Chinese language instruction, education and linguistics. At the same time, professional tutors provide students with guidance after class.


Distance Education International Chinese Teacher Training

With the support of the OUC’s abundant resources and experience in distance education, the Distance Education International Chinese Teacher Training curriculum adheres closely to current industry standards. The curriculum content is integrated with international education, emphasising basic knowledge, teaching skills, and ability to conduct distance education. At the same time, the training helps participants to absorb Chinese culture, intercultural communication skills, and the many things that make China unique. With each module combined organically, this training has strong pertinence and practicability.

The training is made up of five modules and ten courses for 36 hours in total, including 30 hours of face-to-face teaching and six hours of online teaching.

Chinese Teacher Training Abroad

With the growing need for Chinese language instructors abroad, this programme establishes long-term cooperation programmes with overseas educational institutions, training qualified Chinese language instructors and sending outstanding teachers abroad. At present, we have sent a number of Chinese language instructors to locations such as Indonesia, Confucius Institutes in the United States, and other overseas teaching institutions.

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