The Chinese Language Center (CLC) at the Open University of China (OUC) is a professional institution of Chinese teaching, research, and resources development for overseas learners.

The Center offers a wide range of teaching materials (including textbooks, audio-visual courses, and multimedia courseware) on the Chinese language and the Chinese culture to learners throughout the world via satellite TV, the Internet and traditional publication and distribution channels.

On the basis of OUC's space net (satellite TV network), ground net (computer network) and human net (the academic management network), the Center is building a distance learning system for Chinese language learners at home and abroad.  This system will provide Chinese-language learners and teachers worldwide with not only rich and diversified resources on the Chinese language and culture, but also a comprehensive and quality learning environment and teaching platform.

This Center is optimizing the learning platform and teaching resources to provide the overseas educational institutions with a total solution for distance Chinese-language teaching and meet the needs of both the learners and teachers. The Center aims to promote cultural exchanges and cooperation between China and the rest of the world,  through joining hands with language and cultural communicators around the world, forging and enjoying a harmonious world where differences are tolerated and appreciated.

The Center has recently released the distant Chinese learning platform, which is combined with three sites, namely MyEChinese For Learner(, E-Campus( and MyEChinese-Teacher Training. At present, MyEChinese For Learner and E-Campus are accessible.
Departments and Their Functions: 

  • The Department for Resources Construction: This Department is responsible for the overall planning for the teaching resources of teaching Chinese as a foreign language; the proposal, application, management and supervision of resources-related projects; design and compilation of online and multimedia teaching resources as well as the development of new courses; keeping abreast of the latest developments in new media technology; and the development of new-media-based teaching resources.
  • The Department for TV Channel: This Department is responsible for the editing and broadcasting of SCOLA, the all-Chinese-language-teaching channel, and Follow Me in Chinese, the Chinese language teaching programme broadcast on China Education TV-2; the introduction of TV programmes on the Chinese language and culture; as well as the export and promotion of TV programmes produced by CLC.
  • The Department for Training and Exchange: This Department is responsible for conducting the offline Chinese-language teaching that is related to the distance online courses; organizing teacher training for Chinese-language teachers who are in the field of distance education; recommending and exporting quality Chinese-language teachers to partner institutions at home and abroad; and engaging in exchanges and cooperation with relevant institutions, schools and enterprises on issues related to training in the Chinese language and culture.
  • The Department for Online Teaching: This Department conducts web-based distance Chinese-language teaching by coordinating such key factors as the content of learning, the media of learning, the teaching methods, as well as the teachers and students. It is also responsible for the development, construction and maintenance of the online Chinese-language teaching platform; research on topics related to distance Chinese-language teaching; as well as the construction, administration, maintenance, promotion and marketing of the websites related to the teaching of Chinese as a foreign language undertaken by OUC.
  • The Department for Overseas Markets: This Department formulates and implements the overseas development plan of the Center; establishes, maintains and expands the overseas markets; communicates with and maintains good relationships with overseas partners; assists and supports overseas partners to achieve their set targets; supervises the implementation of overseas projects; as well as promotes and maintains a positive international image of the Center.

Contact Us:

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