Ning Zhiyuan, male, born in 1926, is from Qingyuan, Hebei province. In 1948 he went to work in the North China liberated area without finishing his studies at Beiping Normal University. He then transferred to teach in the North China People's Revolutionary University in 1949.

Publications written by professor Ning Zhiyuan include: Science of Legal Documents (published by China University of Political Science and Law Press), Chinese Legal Documents (published by Hong Kong Culture and Education Publishing Company), Talk about Grammar with Staff of Politics and Law (published by Law Press China), How to Write Legal Documents (published by Anhui Education Publishing House), and Knowledge about Documents (published by Beijing Publishing House);of these, Science of Legal Documents won the award of Excellent Teaching Material by the Ministry of Justice in 1991 and prize of Excellent Teaching Material by the State Education Commission.

Professor Ning Zhiyuan has been a chief lecturer in Legal Documents in the China Central Radio and TV University (now the Open University of China) since 1988 and a chief editor for the textbook of the course of Legal Document, which was published by the CCRTVU Press.