Hu Jicheng graduated from the Department of Chinese, Southwest Normal University in 1983. He is now an associate professor in the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, the OUC School of Arts and Law, and leads the teaching of Modern Chinese, the Special Topic of Modern Chinese, Concise Modern Chinese, Verbal Communication, Interpersonal Communication, and Introduction to Linguistics. He is the chief editor of ‘Rhetoric and Verbal Art’, ‘Learning Guidance to the Outline of Linguistics’, ‘The Special Topic of Modern Chinese’ (deputy chief director), ‘Exercise Book of Modern Chinese’ and others. He himself has written ‘Basic Modern Chinese’, ‘Learning Guidance to Modern Chinese’ (the first volume and the second volume), and ‘Learning Guide to Modern Chinese’, and participated in the compilation of ‘Modern Chinese’, ‘Concise Modern Chinese’ and ‘A Course of Applied Chinese’. Of them, ‘Basic Modern Chinese’ was translated and published by Yuengnam University Press of the Republic of Korea. In addition, he has published scores of papers on modern Chinese and distance education. In recent years, he has been invited to make about 40 presentations on modern distance education, including in the OUC School of Foreign Languages, School of Education, the OUC Experimental School, the training classes of leading teachers for the national community level radio and television universities, professional training classes for the national radio and television universities, the Senior Seminar on Quality Guarantee of Distance Education Support Service (1—5 seminars) hosted by the National Coordination Group for Modern Distance Education Resources in Institutions of Higher Education under the Ministry of Education, and about 10 provincial or municipal radio and television universities. He has been well received and recognized. The online teaching courses led by him have highlighted the interaction and exchanges between teachers and students, establishing a style of his own. Therefore, he has been honoured with the Online Teaching Award of CCRTVU and the Teaching Innovation Award of the national radio and television universities.