Yang Zixuan is a professor and doctoral supervisor in the Peking University School of Law.

Research areas

His research focuses on Theory of Economic Law, Enterprise Law (including Company Law), Foreign Economic Law, and Theory of International Economic Law.

He was teaching and researching Jurisprudence and Public International Law before starting to teach and research Economic Law in 1979. He was one of the earliest scholars of Economic Law in China, and a founder of China's first Economic Law major, as well as the Institute of Economic Law.

During his tenure as a deputy to the National People's Congress and member of the Law Committee, he conscientiously performed his duties, helping deliberate various draft laws, and making great contributions to the construction of the country's legal system.

Since China’s reform and opening up, he has won a Teaching-excellence Award from Peking University and the National Textbook Competition for General Colleges and Universities of the Ministry of Education. He has also been named an Advanced Teacher by the Ministry of Justice, and enjoys a special allowance from the State Council.

Professor Yang has taught Economic Law at CCRTVU since 1985, serving as editor-in-chief of the course.