Wu Lijuan holds a master’s degree in Law, and is an associate professor. She started worked at CCRTVU after graduating from the Northwest University of Political Science and Law in July 1999, and has led the teaching of Chinese Legal History, Jurisprudence, Civil-procedures Law, Basics of Law, Rural Policies and Regulations, and other courses.

  1. Academic and research projects, and published works

She has published 13 papers on distance learning, 4 in core journals and 3 at AAOU and ICDE international conferences.

She has also published 8 academic papers on legal topics, 3 in core journals, with 1 winning support from the Applied Research-paper Award Plan for Education and the Social Sciences of the University League (organized by the Chinese University of Hong Kong), and winning a third prize in 2005.

She has led two completed university-level projects, with one placing third among scientific-research achievements at CCRTVU in 2008, and has helped complete three university-level projects, one of which came third at CCRTVU in 2004.

She has edited three textbooks, including A New Course in the History of China's Legal System, Basics of Law, and Constitutional Law, published by Higher Education Press, China Public Security University Press, and Nanjing Normal University Press respectively. She has also participated in editing five textbooks, all published by the CCRTVU Press.

  1. Awards

Civil-procedures Law, edited under her leadership, was the top seller at colleges and universities in 2008.

The course, History of China’s Legal System, produced under her leadership, was named National Excellent Course in 2007, while its online version was nominated to the 3rd National Electronic-publication Awards (organised by the National Press and Publication Administration in 2004), and won the Asian Digital Teaching-achievement Award (organised by the Singapore government in 2004) and a Special Award at the National RTVU Multimedia-courseware Teaching and Web-page Production Competition (held in Beijing in 2003).

The teaching design for this course came third in the national Teaching-design Competition (2002).

Finally, she won the first "Teaching-innovation Award" for RTVUs (2004) and 3rd prize in the first Open and Distance Education CCTV Teaching Awards (2005), and was named “Excellent Teacher” of the CCRTVU learning centre (2008).