Yao Laiyan has a doctoral degree in Law, and is an associate professor. She graduated from the School of Law of Peking University in 2007. She is course leader for Administrative Law and Special Topics in Administrative-procedures Law, and focuses on research in Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, and Distance Legal Education.                     

She has published research related to the financial power of the People’s Congress in China, and more than 30 articles, including Review of Financial Democracy, Legal Issues in the Hong Kong Taxation System, The Nature of Government-procurement Law, Public-law Issues in Property Law, Review of Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution, Diversification Trends in Dispute-resolution Mechanisms, Directions of Development in Court Mediation, Ten Hot Issues in Administrative-law Research, Administrative-law Enforcement and Protection of Civil Rights, and The Principle of Trust Protection in Judicial Practice.

She has led development of projects including Administrative Law Enforcement and Civil Rights Protection (as moderator), a CCRTVU-level project in 2007 (zydd07-001), and a 2008-2009 project included in the Research-paper Award Plan for Education, Social Sciences and Medicine (JY08038) of the University-league Comparative Study of Educational Administrative-law Enforcement in China and the United States (as moderator).