Zhu Ye, an associate professor, graduated from the Law Department of CUPSL in 1984.

She has led the teaching of Jurisprudence, Contract Law, International-trade Law, Administrative Law, Administrative-procedures Law, State-compensation Law, Reform through Labour Law, Constitutional Law, Evidence Law, Case-administrative Law, and other courses. At present, she is in charge of teaching Constitutional Law, Administrative and Administrative-procedures Law, State-compensation Law, Case-administrative Law, Evidence Law, and others.                      

Her published papers include Comparative Research on Administrative Overreach (named an “Excellent Paper” by the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and included in the Photocopies of Newspapers and Periodicals of Renmin University of China), Human-rights Protection in China, Quality Assurance in Open Education, Construction of Teaching Resources in Modern Distance Employee Education, and others.

She has participated in editing the textbooks Introduction to Law, Jurisprudence, and Special Topics in Administrative-procedures Law, while preparing learner guidance for courses such as Jurisprudence, Constitutional Law, and Evidence Law.

Her online course, Administrative and Administrative-procedures Law, came second in the MDER Cup multimedia-courseware competition for RTVUs in 2007.

Her research projects include Training Objectives and Curricula for Law Majors and Reform of Teaching Content, which came 3rd in a CCRTVU competition related to training methods.