Yang Yi is a lecturer.

He graduated from the Law School of Wuhan University in 1984 and has been teaching law for 28 years, leading the teaching of the courses Criminal Law, Legal Documents, Administrative Law, Administrative Law and Administrative-procedures Law, State-compensation Law, Introduction to Law, Criminology, Environmental Law, Prosecutorial Practice, and Criminal Psychology. He has organised and participated in editing the textbooks Criminal Jurisprudence, Supplementary Textbook of Criminal Jurisprudence, Criminal Jurisprudence (Volumes I and II), Course in Judicial Documentation, Course in Legal Documentation, Course in Administrative Law-enforcement Documentation, and others. He has also written and edited Reference Materials for Criminal Jurisprudence (Volumes I and II), Compilation of Laws and Regulations for Criminal Jurisprudence, Learner Guide to Criminal Jurisprudence, Self-testing in Criminal Jurisprudence, Judicial-document Writing, Compilation of Laws and Regulations in Administrative and Administrative-procedures Law, Learner Guidance for Administrative and Administrative-procedures Law, and others.