Gu Xiaohua holds a master’s degree in Management from the School of Government Management at Peking University, and is an associate professor. He is currently vice dean of the OUC Faculty of Political Science and Law.  

He mainly teaches and manages the courses Principles of Political Science, Urban Management, and Human-resources Management in the Public Sector, while his research mainly focuses on administrative theory and contemporary administrative reforms in China. He has published the following books: Learner Guide to Principles of Political Science (CCRTVU Press, 1st edition 2007, 2nd edition 2010) and Learner Guide to Human-resources Management in the Public Sector (CCRTVU Press, 2008), while co-writing Local Chinese Governments (CCRTVU Press, 2007), Organisational Behaviour (CCRTVU Press, 2006), and Human-resources Management in the Public Sector (CCRTVU Press, 2007). He has also participated in translating published books, including New Public Management (China Youth Press, 2004). His papers include Thoughts on Curriculum Organisation in Administration of RTVUs (Academic Journal of RTVUs, 2nd volume, 2005), Difficulties and Opportunities in Transformation of Local-government Function in China (Academic Journal of RTVUs, 2nd volume, 2010). His online course, Principles of Political Science, was named the top such course in the 2007 RTVU Multimedia Courseware Competition, and an “Outstanding Course of the RTVU System” and “National Outstanding Course” in 2010.