Wu Hongqing graduated from the Department of Chinese of Sun Yat-sen University and was awarded a bachelor’s degree in arts in July 1982. He is now a professor of the OUC School of Arts and Law. He leads the courses of the Special Topic of Ancient Chinese, Ancient Chinese, Lectures on the History of Chinese Culture, and Calligraphy. He is a member of the Chinese Calligraphers Association. His major works include ‘Compendium of Chinese Calligraphy History with Illustration Collections’, ‘Collected Works of Chinese Calligraphy·the Volume of Liu Gongquan’, ‘Classical Writings on Ancient Chinese Seals’, ‘The Art of Calligraphy’ (chief editor and writer of ‘Introduction to the History of Ancient Chinese Calligraphy’), ‘The Art of Seal Cutting’ (chief editor and writer of ‘Introduction to the History of Ancient Chinese Seal Cutting’), ‘Checking and Distinguishing the Seal of Yongxing County’, ‘Checking and Distinguishing the Name of Mou Zhuan Seal’, ‘Falsification of Calligraphy Copybook Preface to Orchid Pavilion’, ‘Falsification of Yan Zhenqing’s Calligraphy Copybook of General Pei’ and others.