Ren Ying is a chief director and leading lecturer on the courses of Practical Writing and Chinese Subject Thesis in the programme Chinese Language and Literature of the OUC ( aka CCRTVU). She is now a professor and a doctor of arts in the OUC School of Arts and Law, as well as vice president of the Beijing Writing Association. She has spent time in Japan for professional studies funded by Japan Foundation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. She has written several professional works and teaching materials, including ‘Research on Non-Patient Object Sentences in Modern Chinese’, ‘Introduction to Thesis Writing in Liberal Arts’, ‘Guidance on Graduation Thesis Writing’, ‘Reading Papers’, and ‘Practical Writing’, ‘Reference Book for the Learning of Writings for Practical Purposes’, ‘Reference Book for the Learning of Applied Writing for Economics’, ‘Writing of Chinese Subject Graduation Thesis’, and ‘Graduation Thesis Writing’; She has also published scores of professional papers in academic periodicals of ‘Studies of the Chinese Language’, ‘Chinese Teaching in the World’, ‘Chinese Language Learning’, and ‘Contemporary Linguistics’.