Li Daoying is a chief director and leading lecturer of the course Ancient Chinese Literature B (1) in the programme Chinese language and literature of the OUC (aka CCRTVU). He graduated from the Department of Chinese Language and Literature of Beijing Normal University in 1964 and began to work in the school as a teacher. He has for long served as deputy director and director of the Teaching and Research Division of Ancient Chinese in the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, and he has once taught in the School of Continuing Education, Hong Kong Baptist University. He is mainly engaged in the teaching and research of ancient Chinese literature and has four times been honored with the Excellent Teaching Achievement Award of Beijing Normal University and the Second Prize of Beijing Teaching Achievements. His major works include ‘Research on Ancient Prose in the Tang and Song Dynasties’, ‘Selected Notes of Review on Ancient Prose of the Eight Masters’, ‘Review on the Prose of Han Yu, Han Yu, and the 300 Ancient Literature Masterpieces of China’.