Zhang Zhizhong is a chief editor and leading lecturer on the course Modern Chinese Literature in the OUC Chinese Language and Literature programme. He is now a professor and a doctoral supervisor of Capital Normal University. He has published a number of academic works and translated works, including ‘On Mo Yan’, ‘Main Stream of Contemporary Chinese Literature and Arts’, ‘Confused Toiler,’ 1993: ‘Sound at the End of the Century’, ‘Seeking for Beauty at the End of the World’, ‘God of Small Things’, ‘Literary Map in the 1990s’, ‘Way for Truth’, ‘Brief Discussion on Contemporary Novels’, 1966: ‘the Sudden Change’, ‘Floatation and Cover at the Beginning of the Century’, ‘Magnificent Turn ---- Theory of Modernity and the Transformation of Research on Contemporary Chinese Literature and Arts’, ‘Contemporary Chinese Literature in the 1960s’, and ‘Modern Chinese Literature’. He has won the Zhuang Zhongwen Literature Prize of the Chinese Literature Foundation with China Writers Association, the 2003 Famous Works Award by the Journal of Literature, History and Philosophy and several other awards.