Wang Zhiyuan graduated with a Bachelor of Law degree from Peking University in 1982.


His monographs include A Course of Commercial-law Cases (CCRTVU Press, 2004); A Course of International Economic-law Cases (CCRTVU Press, 2006), and Inheritance Disputes (China Legal Publishing House, July 2007).                      

His theses include:

Contracts and the Third Party (Academic Journal of RTVUs, Vol. 1, 2001)

An Initial Discussion of Jurisprudence Case-teaching in Distance Open Education, (Academic Journal of RTVUs, Vol. 1, 2007)

Reflections on the Reform of Online Law Examinations, (Research on Modern Distance Education, Vol. 2, 2007)

Improvements to the Cumulative-voting System of Company Law (Discipline Research of CCRTVU, Vol. 1,  2007)

Use of Online Examinations in Distance Education (Hubei RTVU Journal, Vol. 8, 2007)


His online Commercial Law and International Economic Law courses won Awards of Excellence in the RTVU system.