Wan Zuofu is a professor and doctoral supervisor in Renmin University of China’s School of Law.


Member of the Council of the Faculty of Law

Consultant to the Criminal-law Research Society of the China Law Society

Member of the Expert Advisory Committee of the Supreme People's Procuratorate

Director of the Beijing Law Society and vice president of the Beijing Criminal-law Research Society

Member of the Advisory Committee of the Chinese Society of Criminology

Principal publications

Criminal Law in China (Renmin University of China Press)

General Theory of Criminal Law (Renmin University of China Press)

Application of Criminal Law in China (China People's Public-security University Press)

Criminal Jurisprudence (Law Press)

General Theory of Criminal Law received the first prize for excellent textbooks from the State Education Commission in 1985; China's Criminal Jurisprudence received a special prize for national excellent textbooks in 1989; and Principles of Criminal Jurisprudence won the first prize for outstanding achievements at the First Humanities and Social-sciences Research competition for national colleges and universities, and the second National Book Award in 1993.

Professor Wang served as lecturer for Criminal Jurisprudence at CCRTVU from 1986 to 1998. He wrote and edited the tex