Wang Weiguo holds bachelor and master’s Law degrees, is a professor at CUPSL, and is an expert in civil and commercial as well as economic law.


He is director of the Department of Economic Law and a professor of Law at CUPSL; a member of the Working Group for the Drafting of Bankruptcy Law of the Financial Committee of the National People's Congress; an arbitrator with the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) Court of Arbitration; an arbitrator with the Arbitration Court of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce; and an arbitrator with the Beijing Arbitration Commission.

Principal publications

His academic publications include Adoption of Corporate-rescue Regimes in China: a Comparative Overview, published in English in 1998; China Securities Law and Bankruptcy Law Reform, of which he was chief editor (1999); Bankruptcy Law (1999); Legal Analysis of Property Rights (1999); Guaranteeing and Promoting Law-based Reforms of State-owned Enterprises (1999); Institutional Rationality in the Drafting of China's New Bankruptcy Law (in English, 2000); and Commercial Law (2001).

Professor Wang has been teaching Commercial Law at CCRTVU since 1999, and serving as editor-in-chief and lecturer there.