Sun Guohua is a professor and doctoral supervisor in the Department of Law at Renmin University of China.


He also serves as a director of the China Law Society; deputy director-general of the Basic-theory Research Society of Law in the China Law Society; part-time professor in the Spare-time Law University for National Court Cadres; part-time professor in the National Training Centre for Senior Judges; and as a legal adviser to the Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal People's Congress.


Principal publications

Role of China's People's Democracy and Legal System in Socialist Construction (Hubei People's Publishing House, 1955); Basic Theories of Law (Law Press, 1982; Tianjin People's Publishing House, 1986; and China Renmin University Press, 1987); and Introduction to Law (Higher Education Press, 1989).


Professor Sun has been teaching Jurisprudence and served as editor-in-chief and lecturer of Commercial Law at CCRTVU since 1985. In 1994, he was named an “Excellent Lecturer” of national Radio and TV Universities (RTVUs).