Fan Chongyi is a doctoral supervisor, and has served as director of the Teaching and Research Office of Procedural Law, director of the Research Centre, and honourary president of the Research Institute at CUPSL.


Part-time professor at the National Prosecutors College of China

Vice president of the Procuratorial-research Association of the China Law Society

Vice president of the China Behavioural-law Society

Member of the expert advisory committee of the Supreme People's Procuratorate, and member of the Law-teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education

Member of the Beijing Municipal People's Political Consultative Conference

Vice president of the Beijing Procedural-law Society

He has received a special government allowance for outstanding contributors from the State Council.

Professor Fan Chongyi has been teaching Criminal Procedure Law at CCRTVU since 1985, serving as editor-in-chief and lecturer for the course.