Mo Yuchuan holds a Law doctorate and is a professor and doctoral supervisor. He is also executive director of the Research Centre for Constitutional and Administrative Law at Renmin University of China, a key national discipline of the university, director of the China Administrative Research Institute, and a member of the Academic-degrees Committee of Renmin University of China.


He has led or participated in about 30 different social-science research projects at all levels, and published about 30 textbooks and other works, along with about 200 academic papers, research reports, and articles concerning theory. He has won over 30 different awards at various levels, and participated in drafting research for national and local legislation, including major legal documents such as Implementation of Comprehensive Promotion of Law-based Administration and Emergency Handling of Laws and Regulations on the Disclosure of Government Information. He is now undertaking specialised teaching of and research in Constitutional and Administrative Law.

Principal courses

Administrative Law

Administrative-procedures Law

Case Analysis in Administrative Law

Special Research on Administrative Law


Vice president, Administrative-law Research Association of the China Law Society

Deputy director of the Government Legal System Professional Committee, Administrative-law Research Association of the China Law Society

Executive director of the Administrative-law Association of the Beijing Law Society

Legal adviser to the Legal Construction Advisory Committee of the Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal People's Congress

Expert consultant to the Legislative Work Expert Committee of the Beijing Municipal People's Government

Part time professor and researcher at Peking University, CUPSL, the National Academy of Governance, the Southwest University of Political Science and Law, Jinan University, China University of Logic and Language Correspondence, and other teaching and research institutions