Pi Chunxie is a professor in the School of Law at Renmin University of China. He currently teaches Constitutional and Administrative Law, is a master's supervisor, and guides the work of doctoral students in Administrative Law. He also serves as a director of the China Society of Administrative Supervision and a member of the Administrative Legislation-research Group of the Legal Work Committee, part of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress.

Principal courses

Constitutional and Administrative Law, Administration, Administrative-procedures Law, and others.

Principal Publications

He has published over 50 books, including A Course in Chinese Administrative Law, A Course in Administrative-procedures Law in China, International Practices of National Civil Servants, Interpretation of Compensation Law in China, and Exploration of the Legal System for Civil Servants.

On 22 May 1979, his article Amending the Election Law and Institutionalizing Democracy was published in People's Daily, and had a wide impact at home and abroad. Another article, Talent Flow Must be Legalized, was published in China’s Science and Technology Daily and won first prize.

He has lectured in Hong Kong, Macao and Japan; visited the United States, Germany and Japan to investigate administrative legislation; and contributed to the construction of China's legal system.