Chen Qingyun is a professor, a doctoral supervisor, chairman of the academic committee and dean of the Department of Public Policies, School of Government, Peking University. He is an executive director of the Chinese Public Administration Society.


In 1996, his professional work ‘Analysis on Public Policy’ published by China Economic Publishing House, won the first prize of the 1998 Achievements in Philosophy and Social Sciences of Beijing Municipality. In 2002, ‘E-government: Administrative and Social Management’ co-edited with Wang Mingjie, was published by the Publishing House of the Electronics Industry. Since 1994, he has published nearly 30 academic papers in specialized periodicals ‘Theoretical Definition of Public Policy’, ‘Thoughts on Interest Policy’, ‘Preliminary Study on Basic Models of Public Management’, ‘Several Issues in the Study of Public Administration’, making great contributions to the development of research on public policies and management.

Research Projects:

He has led the studies of key national and provincial projects, such as Research on Basic Theory of Public Policy Analysis and Common Models of Software, Supervision Mechanism of the Third Sector, Research on Policy Mechanism to Promote the Transformation of Scientific and Technical Achievements in Universities of Beijing, Data Base Project of Public Policy (as co-leaders with Professor Wang Puqu), the Latest Development Trend of Public Management and its Theory and Practice, and has made fruitful achievements. In addition, he has long been engaged in the teaching of Policy Science, Research on Public Policy, the Latest Works of Public Policies and Studies on Frontier Achievements, and Studies on Public Management.