Yan Jirong now works in the School of Government, Peking University as an associate professor and doctoral supervisor. He is also deputy director of Peking University Research Institute of Government Management and Political Development.

Since 1987, he has been teaching undergraduates and postgraduates Principles of Political Science, History of Western Political Thought, Politics of Development, Studies on Political Theories of Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping and engaged in research in the fields related to political theories and development.

Works published in cooperation

‘Contemporary Chinese Government’, Liaoning People’s Publishing House, with additional editions in Hong Kong and Taiwa;

‘Analysis of Chinese Government System’, CCRTVU Press;

‘Foundations of Politics’, Peking University Press.

Translated works organised

‘Modes of Democracy’, Central Compilation and Translation Press.

Translated works in cooperation:

‘Universal Human Rights in Theory and Practice’, China Social Sciences Press.

Published papers:

‘Harmony Towards Freedom and Authority----On Characteristics of Liberal Political Science’;

‘On Tocqueville's Liberal Democratic Theory’;

‘On Democracy and Its Limitations’;

‘Religious Reform and Western Political Culture’;

‘The Legitimacy of Political Conflict: Dividing Line Between Traditional and Modern Politics’;

‘Practical Significance of Free Academic Debate’ and others.