Wang Puqu was awarded a doctor’s degree in politics by Peking University in July 1988. He is now executive president (presiding the work) of the School of Government, Peking University, a professor and a doctoral supervisor.

Principal courses:

Undergraduate courses: Principles of Politics, Government Economics, and Method of Political Analysis

Postgraduate courses: Research on Basic Theories of Politics and Study on Selected Works of Marxist Politics

Doctorial course: Latest Research Results of the Principles of Politics

Research projects :

Research on Interactions Between the Reform of Political System and the Reform of Economic System ---- Research on the Relationship Between Government and Market, a key project of the Ninth Five-Year Plan for the National Philosophy and Social Sciences Plan, a leader;

Research project of Trans-Century Talents, the Ministry of Education;

Research on Political Analysis Method, a leader;
Research on Government Behaviour and Function during China’s Social Transition Period, a Beijing Hundred People Project, a leader;

Study on Political and Administrative Case Base, a 211 Project of Peking University, a leader.


Political Reality and Awareness, a second prize winner of the Second Excellent Achievements in Philosophy and Social Science of Peking University in 1992, major translator;
Foundations of Politics, a second winner of the Fourth Beijing Excellent Achievements in Philosophy and Social Science in 1996, a chief editor;

Principles of Politics, the undergraduate course won the 1996 Excellent Teaching Award of Peking University, 1997 Excellent Beijing Teaching Award, a leader.


Principal publications

‘Government Function in Economic System Transition’, Xinhua Publishing House, 2000, chief editor;
‘Politics and Administrative Management Series’ ---- Volume II, Tianjin People’s Press, 2001, chief editor;
‘Politics and Administrative Management Series’ ---- Volume III, Tianjin People’s Press, 2003, chief editor;

‘Bureaucracy and Public Economics’, China Youth Publishing Group, 2004, major translator.