Qi Mingshan is a professor and doctoral supervisor of the Administration Research Institute and the Department of Administrative Management, School of Public Administration and Policy, Renmin University of China.

He graduated from the Department of Spanish, Beijing International Studies University in 1968. He worked as a teacher in the Department of International Politics, Renmin University of China in 1978. He began to participate in the preparation of the Administration Research Institute, Renmin University of China in 1986, during which he had been abroad for nearly two years as a visiting scholar. He served as a deputy director of the Administration Research Institute and deputy dean of the Department of Administrative Management from 1990 to 2001. He had been deputy secretary-general of the National Public Administration Teaching Research Institute and he is now a standing committee member. He is mainly engaged in the theory and practice of public administration and the research and teaching of Chinese and foreign administration thought.

His works mainly include ‘Administration’ (1988, China Renmin University Press, Huang Daqiang and Liu Yichang, chief editors and participants in writing), ‘Administrative Management’ (1992, Red Flag Publishing House, deputy chief editor), ‘Theory and Practice on Administration Reform of Developed Western Countries’ (1992, chief director), ‘Development of Administration Science in China’ (1996, Personnel Publishing House, edited by Gui Shiyong, one of the deputy chief editors), ‘Administrative Management’ (1997, People’s Publishing House, chief director), ‘New Theory of Contemporary Socialism’ (1998, Yunnan People’s Press, written in cooperation with Professor Gao Fang, etc.), and professional works ‘Introduction to Administration’ (2001, Popular Culture & Arts Publishing House). In addition, he has published over 60 papers on the theory and practice of public administration.