This major is designed to cultivate graduates adapted to the needs of socialist market economy development, who have all-round moral, intellectual, physical, and artistic development. They should have a high level of ideological and political awareness, moral quality, cultural literacy, and the ability to innovate. They should be familiar with the basic theories and operating procedures of modern advertising, including having a certain foundation in the creative arts and having mastered basic design and production skills and design software operation. The major contributes to the development of skilled professionals and high-quality workers who can work in design and production for advertising companies, media agencies, Internet companies, publishing agencies, governments/enterprises and institutions, and other cultural and creative industries.

Knowledge and key skills: Through this major, students will master the knowledge and skill needed for advertising design and production, and visual communication design. They will be able to use computer graphics-aided design software for design and production; possess a certain level of artistic accomplishment and aesthetic ability; have the ability to study in their own time and develop their insights; and be able to understand the current development status and trends of advertising and the visual design industry.

Quality: This major focuses on cultivating and enabling students to have good humanistic and artistic accomplishments, innovative awareness, good sense of collaboration and team spirit.

Main courses: Sketching, Colour, Composition, Introduction to Advertising, Principles of Aesthetics, UI Design, Computer Graphic Design, Basic Visual Design, Evaluation of Outstanding Advertising Cases.