The Communication and Planning major (designed for junior college students) has been adjusted and transformed on the basis of the original Advertising major (oriented towards marketing communication) (designed for junior college students). The major was founded in 2005 and has trained nearly 10,000 graduates. Over more than a decade of development, this major has always kept up with the times. In order to adapt to the needs of emerging industries such as new media and social media, a new round of professional training plan reforms was carried out in 2018. The major aims to meet the diversified and personalised learning needs of all members of society, enabling them to master the basic communication and planning skills. Graduates should possess content editing, creative writing, customer communication, event execution, public relations, advertising planning, and new media operation abilities. The major cultivates applied professionals and high-quality employees who go on to work in fields such as content acquisition, media planning, advertising operations, commercial communication, and public relations. The major is operated in close cooperation with universities, research institutes, and enterprises, and employs well-known experts as editors-in-chief of textbooks and lecturers of video textbooks, or to participate checking and reviewing all aspects of course construction. A team of experts in professional and curriculum resource construction including Ding Junjie, Zhang Jinhai, Ni Ning, and Dong Lijin ensures that the major is scientific, comprehensive, and forward-looking in nature.

At present, the Communication and Planning major offers professional courses such as media theory and practice, new media content production and editing, public relations practice, brand planning and communication, marketing planning case analysis, advertising copywriting, advertising investigation and forecasting, news acquisition/editing and planning, new media operations, new media content production and editing, cultural product creativity and planning, web page planning and editing, programme planning, advertising photography and video, and foundations of visual design.