Chinese Language and Literature has three levels: junior college, junior college to undergraduate , and undergraduate starting from high school. The major for the junior college level is Chinese Language and Literature.

The main courses at the junior college level include: Introduction to Literature, Basic Writing, Applied Writing, Modern Chinese, Ancient Chinese, Ancient Chinese Literature, Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature, and Foreign Literature. In order to meet the diverse development needs of learners, a wealth of electives and expansion courses have been launched.

Faculty staff: The teaching team is made up of senior experts and professors from the Chinese language and literature departments or similar departments of famous universities such as Peking University, Beijing Normal University, Fudan University, Wuhan University, Shanghai Normal University, and Capital Normal University. There are six full-time tutors at the OUC headquarters, including two associate professors and five tutors who hold PHD degrees. There are 1,776 full-time tutors in the OUC system, of which 552 have received senior titles, as well as 729 part-time tutors. The branches are equipped with course coordinators in charge of the different majors, course coordinators in charge of courses, and coordinators in charge of course guidance and consultation. In addition, there is a teaching team in charge of comprehensive practical work for the students, which is dominated by hosts presiding over the graduation thesis defence.

Chinese Language and Literature, a liberal arts major, was founded in 1982 by China Central Radio and Television University (CCRTVU), the predecessor of the Open University of China (OUC). The major has developed steadily thanks to cooperation with famous universities such as Peking University and Wuhan University. In 2015, the OUC was granted the right to confer bachelor's degrees in Chinese Language and Literature. In 2017, the Chinese Language and Literature major was selected as one of the OUC's key construction majors. As of 2020, the OUC has trained 35 batches of undergraduates in Chinese Language and Literature, with a total enrolment of 470,000 students, 380,000 graduates, and about 90,000 on-campus students.