Editor-in-chief and lecturer, Cost Accounting



He is a member of the Communist Party of China, and currently a professor, PhD tutor, and post-doctoral co-supervisor in the School of Business at Renmin University of China. He is mainly engaged in teaching and research, and his research directions are accounting and auditing and accounting and finance. He is also a member of the Financial Management Committee of the Accounting Society of China (ASC), an executive director of the China Audit Society, and vice chair of the Accounting Education Branch of the China Audit Society.

In recent years, the main courses he has presided over are as follows:


  1. Cost Accounting, compulsory for undergraduates
  2. Financial Analysis, compulsory for undergraduates 
  3. Financial Management, compulsory for graduate students
  4. Corporate Finance, compulsory for graduate students 
  5. Auditing Theory and Practice, compulsory for graduate students

In recent years, he has published the following as first author:

  1. Auditing(China Renmin University Press, March 2018). It won a National Teaching Achievement Award, and was named a "Twelfth Five-Year" general higher-education undergraduate national-planning textbook, and MOE recommended textbook, and an “excellent” Ministry of Education general higher-education textbook.
    2. Financial Analysis(China Renmin University Press, January 2018)
    3. Cost Accounting (Open University of China Press, July 2019; 3rd edition)


In recent years, he has been active in the construction of online courses, and has rich experience in online education. He has undertaken course construction as both host and main participant.


  1. Academic Research

In recent years, the academic research he has undertaken is as follows:

Auditing of Local Government Debt Based on Risk Prevention (14LG1008), a National Social Sciences Foundation Key Project, 2014.6-2018.12, Basic System Construction in Capital-markets Development (0BTY112), General project of the National Social Sciences Foundation, 2006.6-2013.7, Performance Auditing (09SJ02005), and a National Audit Office Key Research Project, 2009.3-2014.7.


The academic papers he has published recently at home and abroad as first author are as follows:


Corporate Direct Investment Abroad and Auditor Selection, Auditing Research, September 2018
2. Securities-analyst Concerns and Cost Stickiness of Listed Companies, Economic Theory and Economic Management, 2016.12
3. Industry Expertise of Auditors and Stickiness of Corporate Expenses, Audit Research, 2016.11
4. Local Government Debt-tracking Audits, Academic Research, 2016.4
5. Placement and Rights, Media Attention, and Asset Mispricing, China Accounting Review, June 2015
6. Ponzi Schemes, Operations of Non-net-worth Funds, and Chinese Asset Management, Contemporary Economic Science, 2015.10