Li Baixing, associate professor and doctor of accountancy, is vice president of the CUEB (Capital University of Economics and Business) School of Accounting.

He is now a young and middle-aged backbone teacher in Beijing, a member of the Financial Costs branch of the Accounting Society of China (ASC), and one of the first group of members of the CIMA Promotion Association.

He teaches the Principles of Accountancy, Accounting, Financial Management, Advanced Accounting (in both Chinese and English), and Specialized English courses. His main research fields include value-chain accounting, environmental accounting, accounting standard issues research, internal control, and risk management.

He has hosted or participated in more than 10 vertical projects at the bureau-level, published five monographs, translations and teaching materials, and published more than 30 papers in core domestic academic journals, including Research on Economics and Management, Finance & Accounting, and Finance and Accounting Communiqué.