Li Jian, doctor of economics, is a professor and doctoral supervisor at the Central University of Finance and Economics. She is also director of the Department of Finance and a member of the China Society for Finance and Banking. She has served as the director of economics for the MOE Higher Education Steering Committee.

For the past decade, Professor Li has taken charge of five national and provincial research projects and two provincial teaching reform projects, and participated in seven national and provincial research projects and one national teaching reform project. Since 1983, she has published more than 80 academic papers in top domestic and foreign journals. She has published four monographs, and participated in the editing of 12 monographs and 18 textbooks and reference books. She is also the editor-in-chief of eight textbooks. Her achievements in scientific research have won one national award and five provincial awards. Five of the project monographs she has participated in have won provincial awards. In addition, Professor Li is the winner of the first session of “One Hundred National Outstanding Teachers”, and the TV host of Money and Banking, which is one of the National Excellent and Essential Courses, and has won 3 of the provincial teaching awards. Her main works include Contemporary Western Monetary and Financial TheoryThe Innovation and Development of FinanceThe Study of Chinas Monetary Policy during the Transition Period of Economy SystemReform, Growth and Commercial BanksCommercial BankingMoney and BankingFinance; and The Mechanical Transformation of Monetary Supply and Demand During Chinas Financial Reform.