Lin Xiuqin studied education technology at Beijing Normal University, earning her doctorate in 2009. She is now a tutor and associate professor of educational technology in the CCRTVU’s School of Education


Major tasks:

Firstly, she is involved in research relevant to distance learning, and cares for the development of interactive teaching materials, online course design, and online tutoring in distance learning. Secondly, she is concerned about research into information technology and its application in education, and pays attention to the individual and collective adoption and application diffusion process of new technology in the educational environment. She has led or participated in the research of relevant topics and published several papers in professional journals or at symposiums.


Major research interests:

She mainly focuses on the innovation, application, and spread of information technology, online course design, online tutoring, and printed interactive teaching materials.


Courses led or participated in:

Design and development of teaching resources, digital media technology and application, pre-graduation intensive practice for programmes of education technology, online course design, design and development of network courses


Research experience:

Since July 2010, she has led the Research on the Design and Research of Quality Printed Teaching Materials for Distance Adult Education, an educational science project of Beijing Municipality.

Since September 2010, she has led the Research on the Design and Research of Quality Printed Teaching Materials for Distance Adult Education, a key project of China Central Radio and TV University.

Since January 2010, she has participated in the design and teaching of Online Course Design, a cooperative course of the CCRTVU and the Open University of U.K.

From August 2010 to August 2011, she has participated in Research on Online Postgraduate Education and Degree Conferring as a core member, a special project of the State Council Commission of Academic Degrees.

Since July 2010, she has participated in Research on Sharing and Application of Distance Education U-Learning Resources Based on Learning Cells, a special youth project of Beijing educational science.

From January 2010 to June 2011, she participated in the CCRTVU’s project of the Construction of Audio-Visual Teaching Material Training Package for Distance Education.

From 2007 to 2009, she participated as a key member in the research of the sub-topic Investigation on the Digitization of Elementary Education subject to Application and Studies of Education Digitization, a major project of the Ministry of Education’s educational reform and development strategy and policy studies, training course and teaching design of blended learning for 2,800 network management teachers in Beijing, Enhancing Inquiry-Based Scientific Learning Through Modeling and Visualization Technologies, which is a project of the Ministry of Education of Singapore, and Research on Virtual Learning Community Based on Learning Strategies, a key project of the national educational science during the "Tenth Five-Year Plan” period.


Major papers published:


Xiuqin LIN, Ronghuai HUANG. The Patterns of and Barriers to K-12 Integration of Information Technologies into Their Teaching Information, Technology and Educational Change, 2012,3(1):85-100.

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