Zhang Xia is a master of management and associate professor. She is now deputy dean of the School of Education, and course leader of the programme of public service management (education management).


She graduated from the Department of Educational Economy and Management, School of Education, Beijing Normal University. Since September 2012, she has been studying in the Department of Education Administration at the School of Education of Beijing Normal University as a doctoral student, and her research is directed to school management and social development, and her research interest is in the role of tutors in distance education and professional development, research and development of educational resources and tutor-student interaction.


Courses Led:

Undergraduate programme courses of public service management (education management): Public Administration, Organizational Behaviour (in education)

Junior college programme courses of public service management (education management): Introduction to Management


Topics led:

Topics for Research Paper Award of Joint Schools in Education, Social Science, and Medicine: A Case Study on Design and Development of Teacher Education Online Courses ---- Studies Based on WEB 2.0 Technology (2009-2010);

CCRTVU project during the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period: Research on the Status Quo and Problems of Individual Teachers in Knowledge Management of Distance Teaching (2007-2008).


Topics joined:

Beijing curriculum reform topic: Studies on Teachers’ Professional Development in the Model of Distance Teaching, and Studies on Evaluation and Optimization Mechanism of Teaching Management System in Open and Distance Education (2009-2010);

A specialized research topic of educational science of China Association of Higher Education during the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period: Studies on Teaching Quality Standards of Open and Distance Education (2008-2009);

A national topic of educational science during the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period: Studies on Teaching Quality Guarantee of Open and Distance Education (2004-2005).



Academic activities:

Attended the 1st and 2nd Youth Forum of Distance Education in China (2010, 2011), and the 5th Sino-US Distance Education Forum (2011).



Honours and awards: July 2011, Introduction to Modern Teachers was chosen as one of CCRTVU's 2011 "Excellent Online Courses"; May 2011, she was honoured as one of the 2010-2011 Outstanding Youth of the Departments Directly under the Authority of the Ministry of Education; October 2010, Design and Implementation of Pre-graduation Practice for Undergraduate Programme of Education Management and Instruction of Intensive Practice for Undergraduate Programme of Education Management won CCRTVU's Fourth Teaching Innovation Award; October 2009, the paper Reflections and Countermeasures on Problems in the Knowledge Management of RTVU Tutors won the third prize in CCRTVU’s Second Solicitation of Teaching Reflection Articles and Papers; December 2008, the paper On the Concept of School Management and System Reconstruction from the Perspective of Marketing won CCRTVU's prize for Teaching Research Achievements; October 2007, the CAI courseware of School Management Psychology won the second prize of multimedia courseware in the MDER Cup RTVU Multimedia Courseware Competition; September 2005, the live TV class of Curriculum and Teaching Theory won the bronze prize in CCRTVU’s First ODE TV Teaching Competition.


Essays published:

  1. A Case Study on Design and Development of Teacher Education Online Courses Based on WEB 2.0, Journal of Guangdong Radio and TVUniversity, Vol. 2, 2011 (first writer);
  2. Analysis on Transition of Open Universities and the Role of Tutorsin Distance Education, Journal of Jiangsu Radio and TVUniversity, Vol. 6, 2011 (sole writer);
  3. Studies on Quality Standards on Teaching Process of Open and Distance Education, Distance Education Journal, Vol. 6, 2009 (first writer), the full text reprinted in the copied material of Renmin University of China, Journal of Adult Education, Vol. 4, 2010;
  4. Task Analysis of Individual TutorKnowledge Management, Modern Distance Education Research, Vol. 6, 2009 (sole writer);
  5. Formation of Teaching Quality Standard System for Open and Distance Education in China ---- Exploration and Practice from the CCRTVU, Open Education Research, Vol. 4, 2009 (fourth writer);
  6. On the Concept of School Managementand System Reconstruction from the Perspective of Marketing, Contemporary Education Science, Vol. 9, 2008 (first writer);
  7. Thought on Improving the Evaluation System of Teaching Quality in Distance Education, Modern Distance Education, Vol. 6, 2008 (sole writer);
  8. The Necessity for Individual Teachers to Do Knowledge Managementfrom the Perspective of Education Economics, CCRTVU Academic Discipline Research (2007), Vol. 2, CCRTVU Press, first edition in August 2007 (sole writer);
  9. Forms and Problems of International Cooperation in Running Schools, China Education Policy Review, Education Science Publishing House, first edition in October 2006 (first writer);
  10. A New Theory on School Social Responsibility ---- a Look at School Social Responsibility from the Perspective of Educational Economics, Journal of Mianyang Normal University, Vol. 4, 2003 (first writer);
  11. Thought on Principles’Handling of Public Relations in School, Anhui Education Forum, Vol. 3, 1999 (sole writer).


Translated Works joined:

  1. School Money Matters ---- A Handbook for Principals(Chapter 15 to Chapter 20), China Light Industry Press, first edition in September 2006, about 40,000 words.
  2. To Run a School: Administrative Organization and Learning (Chapter 4 and Chapter 6), China Light Industry Press, first edition in February 2005, about 30,000 words.