Zhu Zongshun is a professor, a master’s supervisor, and dean of the Department of Pre-School Education attached to Hangzhou College of Pre-School Teacher Education of Zhejiang Normal University. He also works part time as secretary-general of the Early Childhood Teachers’ Education Committee of the National Association of Teacher Education in China, a member of the hearing and speech rehabilitation Committee of Zhejiang Disabled Rehabilitation Association. His major research covers the principles of preschool education, theory of preschool special education, and comparative study of preschool special education. He has led the project of the fortieth National Science Foundation for Post-Doctoral Scientists of China “Research on Practical Models for Inclusive Preschool Education”, the project of Zhejiang Philosophy and Social Science “Studies on the 60 Years of Changes of Special Education in Zhejiang Province and the Protection of the Disabled Children’s Rights”.