Doctor Liu Yunyan is now dean, a professor, and a doctoral student supervisor of the Department of Pre-School Education of the Education School of Southwest University. She serves as president of the Chongqing Pre-School Education Research Society, vice president of China National Society of Early Childhood Education, a member of the 12th Central Committee of September 3rd Society, chairman of Southwest University Committee of September 3 Society, a standing member of the 3rd September 3 Society Committee of Chongqing Municipality, and a deputy to the Standing Committee of the 3rd People’s Congress of Chongqing Municipality.


She has worked as a major researcher in 3 national projects and leader of 4 ministry topics. She has published approximately 30 academic essays in core journals, such as Psychological Science, Psychological Development and Education, Journal of the Chinese Society of Education, and Studies in Early Childhood Education, including the representative academic papers of An Exploratory Factor Analysis of the Structure of Infant Curiosity, Experimental Research on the Relationship between Young Children’s Exploratory Behaviors & Teachers’ Attitudes, and Basic Structure of Pre-School Teachers’ Psychological Characteristics. Her research is oriented towards teacher and child development, and kindergarten organization and management.