Mr Gu Lingyuan is a researcher of Shanghai Academy of Educational Sciences. He graduated from the Mathematics Department of Fudan University in 1967, started to work in September 1968, joined the Communist Party of China in June 1984, and was conferred a doctor’s degree in education by Northeast Normal University. He had worked as a teacher in Liansheng Middle School of Qingpu County, a mathematics teaching fellow of Qingpu District In-Service Teachers Training School, director of the Teaching and Research Office, vice president, and president. Over the years, he has held different part-time positions, such as executive director and academic committee member of the Chinese Society of Education, deputy director of the National Mathematics Research Society, director of the Academic Committee, a member of the Leading Group of the National Office for Education Sciences Planning, researcher and member of the expert advising committee of the National Centre for Education Development Research, and president of Shanghai Mathematics Research Society. Many times he has been honoured as a Shanghai model worker, an outstanding Communist Party Member of Shanghai, a national model worker, a winner of the “5.1” Labour Medal, and a national expert enjoying a special allowance from the State Council. In September 2003, he won the special honour of the first “Great Contributors to Education of Shanghai”. He is a mathematics teaching fellow of Qingpu District In-Service Teachers Training School and has led experiments in mathematics teaching reform for 15 years, upgrading the former teaching of rural primary and middle school mathematics in Qingpu County to the advanced level of Shanghai. In 1992, his achievements were extended all over China and won the first prize of the First National Educational and Scientific Research. He led and formulated the Action Programme of Mathematics Education in Primary and Middle Schools in the 21st Century and won the second prize of the Second National Educational and Scientific Research Achievements. As chief editor of book series "Exploration of Mathematics Education in the 21st Century", he made a systematic summary and extraction of theoretical and practical issues on mathematics education in China. The exploration on teacher action education models divided by programmes has been widely recognized inside the field of teacher education at home and abroad. The key topic “Research on Elementary Schools Oriented to the Future” of the Ministry of Education during “the Tenth Five-Year Plan” Period, under his leadership, summarizes the new models of running primary and middle schools at the leading edge of the national reform and innovation by way of school case study. It has been published by People's Education Press as the book series "Elementary Schools Oriented to the Future". On September 10, 2003, he was chosen as one of the “Great Contributors to Education in Shanghai”