Professor of Beijing Agronomy Institute.

Gao Jianming lectures on courses such as animal reproduction and animal embryo engineering.

He participated in and finished four projects for the National Natural Science Foundation and a project for the Beijing Science and Technology Commission. Among them, one project was awarded third prize in the National Scientific and Technological Progress Award, and two were awarded second prize in the Municipal Scientific and Technological Progress Award and the golden Award at the Beijing Invention Exhibition (study on the technology-test of sex-determining gene (SRY) to identify cattle embryo sex, research on the application of cattle embryo sex identification, and cattle embryo sex identification and application technology) .

He led a training fund project for Beijing’s Science and Technology Cadre Bureau and another Beijing Natural Fund Project, and jointly led a project for the Beijing Science and Technology Commission and one project for the Beijing Natural Fund.

He was elected a “Beijing Turn-of-the-Century Elite”.