Professor, Doctor of Medicine of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.
Leader of the Chinese Medicine Diagnosis Discipline (one of the National Key Disciplines), and responsible person for the “Diagnostics of Chinese Medicine” subject of National Essential Courses.
Teaching materials edited:
(1) Editor in chief, “A national planned textbook for TCM colleges and universities in the new century”, “Diagnostics of Chinese Medicine” (for integrated Chinese and Western medicine programmes) (first edition), Chinese Press of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 2008;
(2) Editor in chief, “Graphical Illustration of TCM Diagnosis”, People’s Medical Publishing House, 2004.
Teaching reform activities hosted:
(1) Led the construction of “Web-Based Courses on TCM Diagnosis” of the first batch of the Ministry of Education’s “online course construction engineering for the new century”, which was accepted by the Ministry of Education and rated “excellent”, and was also published by the Higher Education Press and the Higher Education Electronic Audio and Video Publishing House.
(2) Led the construction of the “teaching training centre for four TCM clinical diagnostic skills” as part of the Ministry of Education’s revitalization action plan. The centre has implemented the training for more than six thousand students from all grades and specialties in the university, fostering their skills and driving practical teaching in the Diagnostics of Chinese Medicine.
(3) Led the construction of “TCM Diagnosis” for the first batch of national essential courses. Recently, each programme’s syllabus and teaching plans, and its PowerPoint documents and some teaching videos have been re-uploaded, which has been praised by a number of teachers and students. It has also applied in the teaching of TCM diagnosis at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. The courseware “Diagnostics of Chinese Medicine” was awarded third prize in the higher education science group in the 2006 Sixth National Multimedia Courseware Competition held by the Ministry of Education. The construction of the essential course on TCM diagnosis based on knowledge management was awarded second prize in the 2008 Teaching Achievements Award of Beijing.