Professor of Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University, doctorial supervisor.
Wu Faqi is vice chairman of the Soil Erosion and Soil and Water Conservation Committee of the Chinese Society of Soil Science; standing director of Shaanxi Society of Soil and Water Conservation; member of the teaching steering committee for “soil and water conservation, and desertification control” at the State Forestry Administration; and member of the first session of the teaching steering committee for environmental ecology in colleges and universities at the Ministry of Education. He is an expert who has made great contributions to the field in Shaanxi, mainly for his expertise in soil erosion, and soil and water conservation.
He is mainly engaged in teaching, and scientific and technological research work in the fields of soil erosion and soil and water conservation, land resources and regional ecological environment restoration, and watershed management.
Recently, he has led a number of projects for the Ministry of Science and Technology, the “973” Plan, the National Natural Fund, and the “11th Five-Year Plan” National Science and Technology Supporting Plan. He has won nine prizes in the National Science and Technology Progress Awards.