Professor of China Agriculture University.
Feng Shuangqing has acted as vice dean of the Department of Food Science; dean of the Teaching and Research Division on Fruit and Vegetables Storage; standing director of the Beijing Refrigeration Society; and director of the China Refrigeration Society.
She has been engaged in teaching and research work in the field of the agricultural storage and processing for many years, and has participated in and led more than ten scientific and research projects at state, provincial and ministerial levels, including the Ministry of Agriculture’s “7th Five-Year Plan” and “8th Five-Year Plan” key projects, National Natural Science Fund Projects, State Education Commission doctoral funding projects. She has compiled and formulated projects and technological standards for the Ministry of Commerce, and has studied and popularized practical storage, preservation and transportation technologies for several fruits and vegetables.
Her lectures on the Postharvest Physiology of Fruits and Vegetables won second prize in the National Outstanding Teaching Achievements Award.