Shi Yajun is dean and researcher of the Institute of Urban Agriculture of Beijing Agronomy Institute, and vice secretary general of the Urban Agriculture and Recreational Agricultural Branch of the China Agricultural Society.
He has lectured on topics including introduction to urban modern agriculture, introduction to recreational agriculture, and agricultural policies and regulations.
He has edited works such as “Introduction to Recreational Agriculture”, “Marketing Sightseeing Agriculture”, “Research on the Development of Urban Modern Agriculture”, “Sightseeing Agriculture’s Characteristics and Techniques”, “How to Develop Sightseeing Agriculture in Peri-Urban Rural Areas”, and “The Development and Operation of Sightseeing Agriculture”.
He participated in “Developmental Planning of Recreational Agriculture in China” for the Ministry of Agriculture and formulated development policy for urban agriculture in Beijing. “The Innovation and Practice of Talent Cultivation in Urban Higher Agriculture Colleges and Universities” took first place in the Beijing Municipal Education Achievements Award.