Professor of Beijing Forestry University, doctorial supervisor.
Wen Junbao is dean of the Teaching and Research Division of Forest Protection of Beijing Forestry University; member of the standing committee of the Forest Entomology Committee of the Chinese Society of Forestry; member of the instruction committee for compiling teaching materials on forest resources and life sciences within the forest protection group of institutions of higher education; and guest researcher at the Institute of Forest Ecology of Xinjiang Academy of Forestry.
His main interests are early warnings for the invasion of dangerous creatures, ecological control of forest pests, and the general management of forest seeds and pests.
He has led a large number of projects, including many of the “9th Five-Year” and “10th Five-Year” National Science and Technology projects, the projects supported by the Fok Ying-Tong Education Foundation for Young Teachers in Higher Education Institutions of China, Beijing Science and Technology Projects, “11th Five-Year” Science and Technology Support Plan projects, and joint projects of the Beijing Educational Committee.