Major: Chinese Medicine Pharmacy
Level: Junior college
Category of discipline: Traditional Chinese Medicine (Medicine and Health)
Admission requirements: (1) A regular high school, vocational high school, technical school or secondary-professional school diploma.(2) The major is designed for individuals employed in the medical and healthcare fields.
Objectives: This major aims to cultivate professionals who can meet the needs of the development of China’s medical and health care industries; who show all-round development; who have good professional ethics, have mastered the basic theory, knowledge and skills of traditional Chinese pharmacy; who are capable of engaging in various roles within institutions related to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) services, utilization, management, production, and inspection, including TCM pharmaceutical services, TCM dispensing, TCM purchasing and sales, TCM identification, TCM processing, TCM decoction piece production, TCM pharmaceutical manufacturing, TCM preservation, TCM quality inspection, TCM material cultivation, and production.
Length of study: The minimum length of study is 2.5 years, and the student status is valid for eight years since registration.
Forms of study: Open education
Total class hours and credits: 1,422 class hours, 79 credits
Main courses: Fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Chinese Pharmacy, Medical Immunology and Microbiology, Formulaology (Study of Chinese Herbal Formulas), Chinese Patent Medicines, Techniques of Chinese Medicinal Identification, Techniques of Chinese Medicinal Processing, Techniques of Chinese Medicinal Dispensing, Techniques of Chinese Medicinal Dispensing, Practical Pharmaceutical Marketing, Pharmaceutical Affairs Management and Regulations.