Major: Facility Agriculture and Equipment

Level: Junior college

Categories of disciplines: Agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery

Admission requirements: A regular high school, vocational high school, technical school or secondary-professional school diploma.

Objectives: This major aims to produce graduates with high levels of skill and political integrity, who are developed in an all-round way; who have high levels of ideological and political consciousness, and are ethical and humane; who have mastered the basics of cultivating vegetables, fruit trees and flowers, and are able to cultivate them in greenhouses.

Length of study: The minimum length of study is five years, and the student status is valid for eight years since registration.

Forms of study: Open education

Total class hours and credits: 1,404 class hours, 78 credits

Main courses: Fundamentals of Botany, Horticultural Facilities, Fundamentals of Horticulture, Techniques of Greenhouse Cultivation, Techniques of Flower Cultivation, Techniques of Vegetable Cultivation, and others.