The OUC Economics and Management department began to enrol junior college students in its Tourism Management major in 2007, and has since trained nearly 40,000 professionals who have made important contributions to the development of China's tourism industry. Over the past ten years, famous experts have been invited to lecture in order to enhance their education.


This programme is up-to-date with the development of tourism in China, and helps serve national development. Guided by Xi Jinping’s socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and the principle of cultivating moral integrity, it is committed to enhancing ideological level, political awareness, moral qualities and cultural attainment along with overall professional competence and integrity. Its graduates are well versed in both the theory and practice of modern tourism management, able to undertake grass-roots tourism management, competent in the work of tourism enterprises at the lower and middle levels of management, and capable of independently undertaking service and management, project development, and marketing promotion.

Forms of Study

Students of this major will participate in online or face-to-face learning, complete assignments, and take a final examination. They will be able to log onto the network to access texts, courses, micro courses and other media resources, and communicate with teachers and other students or participate in face-to-face or group learning in the study centre via the forum or live online streaming.

Admission Requirements

A regular high-school, vocational high-school, technical school or secondary-professional school diploma.

Introduction to Tourism, Tourism Economics, Introduction to Hotel Management, Operation and Management of Travel Agencies, Tourism Laws and Regulations, Training of Tourism Workers, Tourism Psychology, Tour-guide Examination Business, Tourism E-commerce, Tourism Safety and Management, Marketing, Fundamentals of Management, and other courses.

Employment orientation

Students of this programme have a wide range of career-development and employment opportunities all over the country. These include tour guides for travel agencies, junior and intermediate managers in travel agencies, marketing personnel in tourism enterprises, and similar positions.