This major is closely related to the needs of industrial development and aligned with the national innovation-driven development and internet+ strategies. It aims to cultivate both scientifically literate and humane and ethical students with wide-ranging skills who have a strong sense of social responsibility, are innovative, concerned about sustainable development, have an international vision, business insights, practical abilities and the desire to spend their lives learning; who are familiar with management, economics, computers and e-commerce, understand e-commerce operations and management for enterprises, and can undertake e-commerce transactions, marketing, website maintenance and management.

Forms of Study  

Students of this major will participate in online or face-to-face learning, complete assignments, and take a final examination. They will be able to log onto the network to access texts, courses, micro courses and other media resources, and communicate with teachers and other students or participate in face-to-face or group learning in the study centre via the forum or live online streaming.

Admission Requirements

A regular high-school, vocational high-school, technical school or secondary-professional school diploma.

Main Courses

Introduction to E-commerce, Network Marketing and Planning, Fundamentals of Management, E-commerce Laws and Regulations, Web Design using Dreamweaver, Marketing, Online Store Operations and Management, Fundamentals of Network Technologies, E-commerce Data Analysis, E-commerce Customer Service, E-commerce Visual Design, New-media Marketing, E-commerce Website Planning and Design, and others.

Employment Orientation

Graduates of this programme have a wide range of employment and career-development opportunities all over the country. They can choose from among a variety of e-commerce  enterprises and departments related to e-commerce in enterprises, or undertake network marketing, new-media operations, online-store operations and management, data analysis, internet-product planning, and similar jobs.