Major: Health Services and Management

Level: Undergraduate (high-school prerequisite)

Category of discipline: Public Management (Management)

Admission requirement: a senior high-school, vocational high-school, technical-school, or secondary technical-school diploma.

Objectives: To cultivate socialist builders oriented towards the grass-roots and community health-services institutions, the health-services industry, and so on. Students will study both modern and traditional medicine, as well as health management, monitoring, risk-assessment, and intervention; be dedicated and professional in providing health services to the public; have firm ideals and beliefs, a passion for health services, and a dedication to their work; and be socialist builders with all-round development in terms of morality, intelligence, physical education, aesthetics, and labour education.

Length of study: The minimum length of study is five years, and the student status is valid for eight years since registration.

Form of study: Open education

Class hours and credits: 2,520 class hours, 140 credits

Main courses: Health Management, Health Education and Promotion, Health Services and Management Skills, Health Preservation, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Health Conditioning, Community Hygiene, Hygiene Management, Hygiene Law, Social Medicine, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Introduction to Clinical Medicine, Introduction to Preventive Medicine, Mental Health and Social Adaptation, Basic Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Literature Retrieval, Practical Health Statistics, Epidemiology, Risk Communication, and others.