Major: Public Service Management (Health Management)Level: Undergraduate (starting from junior college degree)

Category of discipline: public management (Management)

Admission requirements: junior-college degree or higher in the same or similar major in the national education system.

Objectives: This major aims to cultivate professionals able to meet the development needs of the health services; who are developed in an all-round way ;who have mastered the theory and practice of public service and health management, and who will be able to engage in health management at the grass-roots level and in medical institutions.

Length of study: The minimum length of study is 2.5 years, and the student status is valid for eight years since registration.

Forms of study: Open education

Total class hours and credits: 1,296 class hours, 72 credits

Main courses: Practical Health Statistics, Social Medicine, Health Information and Literature Retrieval, Epidemiology, Community Health, Health Management, Health Law, Health Education and Promotion.