Major: Landscape Architecture

Level: Undergraduate (starting from high school level)

Category of discipline: forestry (Agriculture)

Admission requirements: A regular high school, vocational high school, technical school or secondary-professional school diploma.

Objectives: This major is designed to cultivate high-quality workers with strong practical abilities and political integrity in an all-round way; who love, understand, and are willing to serve rural areas and farmers; who have an entrepreneurial spirit and abilities, and grasp the concepts of ecology and sustainable development; and who have a basic knowledge of ecology, botany, design and engineering, and can engage in the production, maintenance and use of garden plants as well as the planning, design, construction and management of all kinds of green spaces in villages, towns and even cities.

Length of study: The minimum length of study is five years, and the student status is valid for eight years since registration.

Forms of study: Open education

Total class hours and credits: 2,520 class hours, 140 credits

Main courses: Botany, Plant Physiology, Soil and Fertilizers, Landscape Art, Landscape Ecology, Landscape Mapping, History of Chinese and Foreign Gardens, Foundations of Plant Pest Control, Landscape Dendrology, Landscape Floriculture, Landscape Planning and Design, Pest Control for Garden Plants, and others.