Major: Rural Regional Development

Level: Undergraduate (starting from junior-college degree)

Category of discipline: Agricultural economic management (Management)

Admission requirements: Junior college degree or higher in the same or similar major in the national education system.

Objectives: This major is designed to cultivate high-quality workers with strong practical abilities and political integrity in an all-round way, with high levels of ideological and political consciousness, and who are ethical and humane; who are well equipped both theoretically and practically for regional rural development, with knowledge and skills that meet the requirements of regional agricultural construction, and are able to engage in rural industrial operations, agricultural extension, rural public management, and related work in regional new agricultural businesses, agricultural extension departments, and management departments at all levels.

Length of study: The minimum length of study is 2.5 years, and the student status is valid for eight years since registration.

Forms of study: Open education

Total class hours and credits: 1,296 class hours, 72 credits

Main courses: Theory and Practice of Rural Development, Introduction to Agriculture, Agricultural Economic Management, Rural Sociology (undergraduate level), Agricultural-industry Development Planning, Agronomics, Agricultural Extension, Modern Management Principles, Participatory Development Planning, Village and Township Planning and Management, Safe Production of Agricultural Products, Communication for Rural Development, Topics in Rural Development, Rural Public Management, Agricultural Ecology and Marketing, Land Management, and others.