The OUC (formerly China Central Radio and Television University, CCRTVU) began to enroll junior-college students majoring in Economics and Management in 1983, undergraduates majoring in Business Administration in 2000, and undergraduates majoring in Marketing in 2009. Experts from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Renmin University of China, Beijing Technology and Business University and other research institutes or universities are invited to edit textbooks and give lectures to provide students with the best resources available.


This major aims to cultivate ethical and skilled professionals who understand the relevant national laws and regulations, have mastered modern marketing theory and its basic methods, and have a strong understanding of markets and management.

Forms of Study

Students of this major need to participate in lectures either online or face-to-face, complete assignments, and take a final examination. Students can access texts, lectures, micro courses and other media resources by logging onto the learning network. They can make use of interactive aspects of the network, including a forum and live online streaming, to communicate with teachers and other students, or participate in face-to-face or group studies in the study centre.

Admission Requirement: junior college degree or higher

Main Courses: Market Research and Analysis, Basics of Logistics Management, Consumer Behavior, Marketing Management, Relationship Marketing, Advertising Management, Strategies of Business Negotiation, Marketing Planning (undergraduate)

Employment Orientation: Marketing graduates can engage in market research, marketing planning, advertising planning, market development, marketing management, marketing services, teaching or scientific research, or continue to study at universities or research institutions at home or abroad. They can also take up work related to marketing management within enterprises, customer-resource management, network-marketing management, marketing diagnosis, market investigation and consultation for industrial or commercial businesses or institutions, or in the foreign-trade, finance, insurance, securities, tourism or real-estate sectors.

Marketing Sector: market researcher, business-data analyst, advertising designer (including graphic and video design), business modeling and forecasting (including commercial-site selection, as well as feasibility analyses and forecasts for enterprise expansions and investment projects).

Business-operations Sectors: HR specialist, customer-relations manager, business-development specialist, and others.

Other Categories: public relations (including public-opinion monitoring and response), website forum moderator, events operations, and others.